Point Blank, RA Vol 3, Issue 3, Oct/Nov '98

West Midlands AFA

There has been an amalgamation of the West Mids National Democrats and at least one key NF organiser, under the BNP banner. New recruits have been drawn straight into high-level internal activity, and early signs are that the West Midlands and the Black Country in particular, are set to be a focal point for national BNP development. Intelligence work suggests a sizeable new Black Country branch and it's here that there's likely to be a concentration of activity, the likely area spans from Cannock, through to Dudley, Walsall and Sandwell. Notts AFA reported that a combination of fallout from the Leeds affair and lack of group direction had culminated in a poorly attended meeting where the group had apparently been dissolved. However the call for a regional gathering, given the West Mids situation, bought together all the elements still wishing to remain a part of AFA. A relaunch was proposed, similar to the June relaunch in the West Mids, with those present at this regional comprising the core. Mistakes and problems of recent times were discussed indepth, as well as measures that could be taken to ensure they weren't repeated.
Whilst the relaunches are essential now from a rearguard viewpoint, it's also imperative that any new initiatives take into account the fact that the physical strategy is by no means absolute, though it will always have validity when the opportunity arises. The goal posts have been shifted, which in many cases has made the old approach virtually redundant. West Mids BNP are as aware as London BNP of the effectiveness of the new 'Euro-Nationalist' approach, the fact that it takes the wind out of AFA's sails is a bonus for them. This means that AFA must politically orientate to the working class when mapping out its strategies - to fail to do so will mean resigning ourselves to the fate of Germany, where anti-fascists are locked in a bloody street war, while in the meantime fascists are busy taking council seats and preparing for government. West Mids BNP have already outlined their intentions to gravitate towards residents associations and grassroots community issues. The 'double edged sword' combination of both physical and ideological opposition must be more than just a soundbite - we have to learn from what has happened in Europe.

Red Action Relaunch in Scotland

RED ACTION in Scotland held an encouraging relaunch meeting in Glasgow recently. As well as integrating a number of new supporters and contacts, the successes and problems of the past were discussed at length. At the end of the meeting officers for the region were elected, some of them taking on posts for the first time.

Reproduced from RA Vol 3, Issue 3, Oct/Nov '98