Articles on Irish Republicanism and the Peace Process from the Red Action Bulletin.

Following the Ealing bomb and the arrests of the three republicans in Columbia, right-wing commentators sought to extract concessions from Irish republicanism. With the declaration of ‘war against terrorism’ the clamour became deafening. As part of a strategm of blaming republicans for the failure of the Peace Process and to maximize perceived advantage David Trimble has today withdrawn the Ulster Unionist Party’s three members from the Six-County Executive.
But as A.Shaw argues, the anti-IRA elements on left and right are all ignoring one elementary fact – unionism has nowhere else to go.
19th Oct '01

'Sinn Fein are turning out the vote with almost military precision' commentators warned in the run up to Michelle Gildernew's victory in Bobby Sands old seat of Fermanagh and south Tyrone. What do you mean 'almost'? A. Shaw reports.
Reproduced from RA Bulletin Volume 4, Issue 12, July/Aug '01

Sinn Fein - A Party In Transition
Reproduced from RA Vol 4, Issue 9, November/December '00

Steve Potts reviews the first edition of Fourthwrite, the new journal of the Irish Republican Writers Group
Reproduced from RA Vol 4, Issue 7, June/July '00

Steve Potts reports on this year's Red Action delegation to Feile an Phobail, the West Belfast Festival.With the majority over for the first time, this was the biggest and most politically rewarding for many years.
Reproduced from RA Vol 4, Issue 3, Oct/Nov '99

While for all the obvious reasons the IRA matters, A. Shaw explains why Sinn Fein is the new power house in the partnership - at least for now.
Reproduced from RA Vol 4, Issue 2, Aug/Sept '99

Although the name of Thomas 'Ta' Power is virtually unknown outside of Irish republican circles, Steve Potts explains why he continues, despite his death, to have a profound and lasting effect upon Red Action.
Reproduced from RA Vol 3, Issue 6, April/May 1999

Sensational claims in 'The Committee - political assasination in Northern Ireland,' that the murder of political opponents were ordered by prominent members of the Unionist establishment led to the book being banned. With the current crisis in the peace process, Lee Stephens highlights the 'inextricable links' between David Trimble and the accused.
Reproduced from RA Vol 3, Issue 5, February/March 1999

Steve Potts investigates the growing cottage industry that seeks to profit from the 'peace dividend'.
Reproduced from RA Vol 3, Issue 4, Dec/Jan '98/'99

Collection of articles from the RA Bulletin analysing the Peace Process from its beginnings until 1998. These articles first appeared together in booklet form. The foreword from the booklet is also included as is the appendix which details IRA statements during this period.