Point Blank, RA Vol 3, Issue 2, Aug/Sept '98

AFA in Germany

A leading AFA member recently spoke to German anti-fascists in Berlin. The Berlin meeting was attended by several groups including Friends of Ireland, Autonomen Kommunisten, Red Antifa Initiative, RotKapchen, Prinzlerberg Anti-Fascists and Antifa (Berlin). The discussions centred around the need for a working class analysis to be the driving force of anti-fascism in Europe. Most of the groups and individuals who attended the Berlin meeting are close to the AFA analysis of the struggle against fascism. However, in the context of the German anti-fascist scene, they appear to be in the minority. Unfortunately, right wing ideology has not just affected German society and institutions, it also appears to have pushed most of the German left - including some militant anti-fascist groups - to abandon the idea that the working class can become the force for progressive change in society. The AFA representative also spoke to anti-fascists among the St. Pauli fans in Hamburg who have also expressed an interest in AFA. One young St. Pauli skinhead commented: "The problem with the left wing people in Germany is that they no longer speak the language of the ordinary people." Another well-known anti-fascist football fan went further when he said: " They can't relate to working class people because few of them come from the working class themselves. The worst thing is that the left actually think that they are winning."

Defections in West Midlands

Midlands BNP are feathering the nest for the influx of realigning fascists that have gone over to their ranks in recent months. Prior to the May elections the West Mids National Democrats joined the BNP en masse, followed closely by Fullbrook fledgling Wayne Ashcroft, who had previously acted as a National Front organiser within the region. This will be the first time that fascists in the West Midlands have worked under one banner since the late 1970s, significant because that too was under a maligned Labour Government. At that time NF candidates contested virtually every electoral seat in the region, and harboured large pockets of support in many working class areas. AFA though are always willing and able to exercise the fine tradition of militant anti-fascism. The Midlands fascists are acutely aware of just how effective AFA can be, no matter what label they choose for themselves.

Reproduced from RA Vol 3, Issue 2, Aug/Sept '98