Point Blank, RA Vol 3, Issue 4, Dec '98/Jan '99

Camden Ban Lifted

In an out of court settlement the Camden Irish centre accepted that the unprecedented ban placed on Anti-Fascist Action, which led to the cancellation of the International Anti-Fascist conference at the venue in 1997, would be lifted. Additionally they agreed to pay AFA a four-figure sum for financial losses incurred. AFA spokesman, Joe Reilly, said that 'the settlement vindicates AFA's position that this ban had been implemented without any justification'.

AFA annual Cable St Commemoration

Over the weekend of 3-5 October AFA held its third annual Cable St. commemoration weekend of events. Events included a public meeting in Conway Hall, London, entitled 'Counter Revolution in Sight?' which heard from speakers of a number of campaigns around the country. Special guests were delegates from the German anti-fascist group, Rote Antifa (Berlin), who outlined the size of the challenge facing militant anti-fascists both on the streets and electorally. Formal discussions were also held with AFA representatives. A successful fund raising gig was held with the band 'Selecter' and a film show which featured the UK premieres of 'All Power To The People (history of the Black Panther Party)and the '43 Group'. The films were introduced by a veteran of the 43 Group and a former member of the Black Panther Party.

West Midlands AFA

AFA recently took to the streets of Redditch in response to BNP attempts to establish a foothold in the area on the back of local opposition to a planned mosque. Media reports that the BNP had sizeable support there were exposed as a fabrication by an impressive AFA mobilisation which saw the estate leafletted and the BNP return to the press demanding police protection. An AFA spokesman said 'We physically stopped BNP activities in Birmingham a few years ago and are more than willing to do the same again'. The BNP have not been seen since. (see Something We Said, page 12)

Glasgow & Manchester RA

After the recent relaunch Glasgow RA held its first public activity with a number of RA sales at Celtic Park, with 58 copies sold in a couple of hours. Manchester RA held a successful public meeting recently on the subject of the Irish peace process.

Reproduced from RA Vol 3, Issue 4, Dec '98/Jan '99