Point Blank, RA Vol 3, Issue 1, June/July '98

Bloody Sunday

Rumours circulating in far-right circles that a significant group of fascists and loyalists would be coming into the N. London area to confront the annual Bloody Sunday march drew an impressive response from AFA militants. Equally impressive was the turn out of the 'Met' who placed one hundred of their finest in the Archway area at precisely 11am to coincide with AFA's arrival. The occasion was used to extend and update what must already be a formidable 'rogues gallery. It was made quite clear from the beginning that it was AFA, rather than the 'IRA' march or the NF counter demonstration (both of whom cooperated fully with the police) who were the primary target of the security operation. Significantly, when dusk fell and events were coordinated without the use of mobile phones, police intelligence and bravado ebbed sharply. Consequently, on at least two occasions, fascists who should have known better loitered in the area and came close to having the frustration of the 100-strong AFA stewards group visited upon them.

Dover March

On 28.2.98 the NF held their second march in Dover against the presence of Romany asylum seekers. Over 300 Police were on hand to protect the 30 NF members who were bussed in. And after their stroll along the promenade bussed out. Given that everyone knew it would be a numbers game on the day the ANL turn-out comprised of little more than a few skinny students. This suggests that (a) they clearly weren't up for even formal demos and/or (b) they exist on paper only.
Given that the police greatly outnumbered the 150-strong anti-fascists, the 20 arrests on the day were entirely gratuitous. In addition the occasion was once again used to mount a huge intelligence gathering operation.

Sectarian Attacks

Following a mass leaflet outside the ground of Glasgow Celtic FC, an organising meeting to discuss the appropriate response to loyalist inspired sectarian attacks was held. Despite an orchestrated campaign by sections of the media, Fergus McCann (Celtic Chairman) and the police to the effect that RA were operating to a 'hidden agenda' over 80 Celtic supporters turned-out to discuss the campaigns next step. To warm applause an AFA spokesperson pointed out: 'The press are rarely on the side of those who stand up to such hatred. The mere mention that people should be prepared to physically defend themselves is enough for the press to turn victims into aggressors, the architects of their own misfortune.It is expected a formal committee will be in place for next season.

Aston Villa FC

Red Action members are lending support to the Villa Fans Against Loyalism and Fascism initiative. Matchday sales of the anti-fascist fanzine Well Prepared have been good and there's been an encouraging response from Villa supporters.

Reproduced from RA Vol 3, Issue 1, June/July '98