Red Action Website

ANY OF YOU who tried to access our website using the address published in the August/September bulletin would not have got very far. So while apologising for this cock-up we are also pleased to announce that the site can now be located at the correct address below. Already, since going online a number of suggestions have been forwarded that will ensure that its presentation, structure and content can all be improved. We would also like to encourage our readers from both within and without the organisation to e mail us with constructive criticism and ideas for additional features you would like to see.

There is no doubt that the pace of new developments in information technology is formidable. While many technological developments can sometimes be a double-edged sword (when placed at the disposal of the State for instance) IT should be keenly embraced by any progressive movement because of the opportunities it offers. The Far-Right, as is often the case nowadays, were among the first on the political fringes to recognise the real potential that the internet offers. Largely ignored by the mainstream media and unable to venture out onto the streets to disseminate its propaganda, the internet provides the Far-Right with a cheap, censorship-free means of getting regularly updated information, news and views to thousands, and potentially millions, of ordinary people.

Internet use has soared in the last couple of years with everyone from schoolkids to pensioners being offered courses in its use. Its former status as that of 'trainspotters' hobby is already outdated. Within RA, even staunch members of the 'luddite faction' can now be observed surfing the net.

As the Left in Britain continues to contract, the number of left-wing bookshops, meetings, marches and demos, are set to become increasingly scarce and with them the opportunity to sell our publications and come into contact with potential recruits. The internet then, will take on an increasingly important role ensuring that potentially anybody, from Edinburgh to Essex, Berlin to Brisbane who wants access to the latest Red Action publications, news and views, will have it.

It will also mean that we can improve and speed-up internal communications as well. All regions should ensure that they have their own e mail facility and that they are linked into the rest of the organisation. Similarly anybody who has advice and expertise in the area of IT shouldn't be shy in coming forward.

Though constrained by our meagre resources, this November we will be undertaking our most ambitious promotional drive to date. In line with a decision taken at this year's National Meeting, thousands of stickers will be distributed, adverts will be taken out in selected publications and we will have a general RA recruitment leaflet available for the first time. This will seek to boost sales of the RA bulletin, raise awareness of the RA website and equip members for the first time with a general, easily accessible introduction to RA for new contacts, as well as enabling us to take full advantage of any forthcoming mobilisations and events.

All regions of RA will be expected to participate fully next month and ensure that their full quota of materials are distributed. At the same time though, we should not allow other ongoing projects to fall by the wayside, so this is a good opportunity for organisers to pull in and involve those around the fringes of RA.
Steve Potts
Reproduced from RA Vol 4, Issue 3, Oct/Nov'99