Red Action

Red Action – Left Wing Political Pariah
Article by Mark Hayes for the 'Against the Grain' book

The Road Less Travelled: The History of Red Action
Red Action 30 Years On - A History of Red Action

Red Action Back Catalogue
The complete back catalogue of the Red Action Newspaper & Bulletins from 1982 to 2001


Introduction to Volumes 3 and 4

Preaching To The Inverted
Throughout volume 2 of the paper RA embarked upon a rigourous analysis of accepted left-wing theory and practice and entered into critical debate with virtually every established left and anarchist group. Preaching To The Inverted summarises the reasons behind this course of action, the processes involved, and the eventual conclusions.
Issue 75, Autumn 1997

Taking Up Cudgels
Extracts from articles analysing the orthodox left, and highlights of the debate between RA and various revolutionary left and anarchist groups.
Issue 75, Autumn 1997

Internal Affairs
Internal Affairs provides an insight into how RA functions as an organisation, giving information on such topics as recruitment and national meetings.

The Big Issue
Analysis of current events

Point Blank
Round up of activities and actions.

Community Resistance
News of IWCA and other progressive community activities

Not Waving...
Commentary and analysis of the antics of the British Left.

A Word In Your Ear
Stories and anecdotes

Something We Said !?!
Vol 3 & 4

Something We Said !?!
Vol 1 & 2

Hold The Back Page
Compilation of reports on RA activities taken from the back pages of volumes 1 & 2

Liberal Anti-Fascism
Articles examining the role of organisations such as Searchlight and the Anti-Nazi League.

London Socialist Alliance
Articles analysing the LSA and explaining the reasons for Red Action's participation in it.

Extracts from some of the various debates involving Red Action on the UK Left Network discussion site.