Reactions To Asylum Seekers

HARD on the heels of the Barry Hearn off the cuff comments on immigration on Radio Five Live came the Sun/Daily Mail Blitzkrieg. Of the Hearn outburst one critic noted: “it is only because the rest of us let them get away with it” that people like him see them as “self-evident truths supported by the vast majority”. Nimbly jumping on the passing bandwagon, a Guardian columnist commented that Brixton had become “a beggars’ Mecca, with its heady combination of cheap crack and the infallible kindness of the indigenous church going popula­tion and middle-class Lefties”. Otherwise ‘liberal’ Alison Pearson too felt compelled to record that ‘their’ children “looked drugged, or maybe just numb, a state to which their mothers - if mothers they be - appear sullenly indifferent. And they are dirty...” Her spleen vented, “the worst thing about this story” she reflected “is that it puts a smile on the face of every thin lipped fascist who thinks “refugee” is just another word for sponger.”

For all the Straw/Widdiecombe bombast one political leader was at least pleased to see them. Unlike “the church going West Indians and the humble ex-Raj Asians”, writes BNP supremo Nick Griffin, whose arrival the latest batch, “Albanians, Afghans, and Somalis”, come from “traditionally violent bandit cultures”. Adding with a smack of the lips that the new arrivals will “cause trouble not in twenty years time -but virtually immediately!”

In head to head confrontation with the British National Party in the London Assembly elections on May 4 will be the London Socialist Alliance (LSA). In tune with the Euro-Nationalist dictum ‘of putting power before principles’, the BNP no longer call for ‘immediate repatriation’. Putting principles before all else is, it appears, the approach favoured by the LSA.A call for an end to ‘racist’ immigration controls would be normal enough, but a demand for the ‘scrapping of all immigration controls’, outside of a distant aspiration, is unusual, in even the most flamboyant of sects. Perhaps the LSA genuinely believe ‘Refugees welcome here’ is a simple statement of fact. Perhaps they believe that ‘the war is won and we won it’ as LSA candi­date and ANL activist Weyman Bennett informed an AFA audience back in October. Perhaps it is they, rather than Barry Hearn, who are speaking ‘self-evident truths’. Maybe politics, like religion should be a matter of ‘morality’, irrespective of consequences anyway.

So when a journalist in a mixed race marriage warns in The Observer that “middle class whites” like them “have got to realise there are not a few bad apples out in society ruining their ‘multi-cultural’ dream. The bad apples are in the majority and the so-called multicultural dream is actually a nightmare” has the LSA taken into account what he or anybody else thinks? Who knows? But one thing is certain. That policy on immigration will put a smile on every fascist mug, thin-lipped or otherwise, who is convinced that ‘socialist’ is now just another word for “loser”.

BIG ISSUE PREDICTION: The Left ignores working class perspectives at their own peril.

Reproduced from RA Bulletin Volume 4, Issue 6, April/May '00