News - June 2003


13th June '03

Both from the turn-out and results in the May council elections it is clear that, yet again, the main political parties have failed to convince, and as a result working class people are looking for an alternative.

In June 2004 the IWCA are proposing to stand in the Greater London Assembly elections. As well as this we are looking to put forward an independent working class candidate for the position of London Mayor.

In a number of pilot schemes around the country the IWCA has enjoyed considerable success based on a radical working class perspective rooted in the local community. Where the IWCA has confronted the three mainstream parties in elections it has regularly taken one in four of the vote. An encouraging feature of these campaigns has been the discovery that many working class people voted IWCA who would not otherwise have voted.

We now recognise the need to move forward and present this political alternative to a larger audience.

There are two main reasons why we believe the IWCA should stand. First there is the democratic argument. Working class Londoners deserve the chance to vote for a candidate who reflects their concerns, aspirations and interests. Second there is the tactical argument. With both Labour and the Tories haemorrhaging membership and support, the case for taking them head-on in London on June 10 2004 is a compelling one.

However in order to stand a Mayoral candidate we will need to find 10 sponsors in each of the 32 London boroughs, and in the City of London.

This is a formidable task complicated by the fact that as a new party - registered in September 2001 – we are less than two years old and there are many boroughs where we neither have branches nor supporters. On top of that we will need to raise the £10,000 deposit, plus an additional £10,000 contribution toward printing costs – and we have less than a year to do it.

If you recognise the importance of working class political independence and would like to help us dramatically alter politics in the capital in 2004, step forward now.

To give us your support and help us take up the challenge and please contact us at