News - December 2004

Closure Of The Forum

21st Dec '04

At the time it was set up in 2000 the Red Action discussion forum had a number of purposes.

The primary purpose was to allow RA members themselves to expand on, clarify, and get feedback from individuals outside of the organisation on a variety of controversial issues.

Prominent among these were the Peace Process in Ireland, the forecast of an electoral breakthrough by the BNP and the appropriate political response to it (including the IWCA initiative) which generated, separately or together, a vast number of posts.

A combination of the design of the site along with a liberal editorial policy saw fascist and anti-fascist, Right and Left, Loyalist and Republican, Anarchist and Stalinist engage each other, many for the first time, as equals.

At the same time those individuals who by the adoption of multiple identities hoped to increase influence and support for their viewpoint soon found that no matter the guise a subscriber was only as strong as his or her argument.

This allowed a light hand editorially which remains unique and because of that is not to everyone’s taste.

Periodic shouts of ‘Shame!’ continue to emanate from the conservative left.

However after almost five years it is fair to say that everyone knows fully where everyone else stands, the forum has served its purpose and the process has run its course.

As of Friday 24th 2004 this forum (as part of general site re-vamp) will no longer be updated.

In due course, it is intended that a substantial amount of fresh material will be added to the site and a search-friendly archive will be created containing some of the more informative and memorable threads.