National Meeting

THE LAST year has been a crucial one for Red Action. At last year's RA National Meeting, our most ambitious strategy document to date was put to, and endorsed, by the membership. Steadily, we have seen probably the most under-resourced organisation on the left drive forward a number of genuinely radical projects. After breaking free of the 'foot draggers' from the left, independent working class politics is now in the process of being placed, albeit in embryonic form, onto the agenda in a number of working class communities. Militant anti-fascism has been repositioning itself to deal with both the BNP's change of strategy and the new challenges thrown up to it from the fall-out from the Lawrence inquiry. On a lower level the emergence of a new, bi-monthly Red Action has given our members, supporters and contacts a regular focus; resulting in a growth in membership. A number of RA regions have reorganised themselves recently and the next issue of RA will carry news of an RA web-site.

This year we need to build on these foundations, which will mean more than ever, 'every member of RA being conscious of the role of the organisation in the greater scheme of things, and being doubly conscious of their own role within the organisation'. While last years National Meeting was well attended there were still far too many members, particularly from outside the Southern region, who failed to materialise; and this must be improved upon this year. Unlike National Council meetings, RA National Meetings are for all RA members, not just Regional delegates. This is where the organisation's work for the previous year is reviewed and policy decided for the forthcoming year. All members have the opportunity to propose, debate and vote on policy. Ultimately, it is the guarantor of Red Action's democratic integrity. For RA members it should be one of the most important events of the year, as well as providing one of the few opportunities to meet other members from the length and breadth of Britain. So this year, every member and supporting member should try to attend. There's no reason, with three to four months notice, why you can't. If you work weekends, book leave now; if you're one of those lucky buggers booking a holiday, avoid 26-27 June; if you've got kids, sort out the in-laws; money doesn't enter into it, as there'll be a pooled-fares system. Put simply, if you take your politics, your organisation and yourself seriously... you'll be there.
Steve Potts
Reproduced from RA vol 3, Issue 6, Apr/May '99