Introduction To Volumes 3 And 4

When the very first edition of Red Action appeared in 1982, the political world it entered was very different to now. Labour and the TUC were broadly accepted as socialism's mainstream representatives, while Thatcherism was regarded as a blip. Possibly because of this complacency, Red Action saw the need from the beginning, to create fresh layers of working class activists by presenting basic socialist arguments in a jargon free style. It was a distinguishing feature.
However, by the late 1980's it was apparent that something was badly wrong with the 'socialist blueprint', and so again through the paper, we initiated a search for the faultline.

Red Action Volume 2 represented a complete reversal of previous custom and practice.
From an editorial position of refusing to mention, much less criticise other 'revolutionary' groups, now all organisations and ideologies, with the writings of Marx and Engels as a reference point, were brutally laid bare. The autopsy, which proved both hugely instructive and highly controversial, often inducing a spluttering rage amongst sects of all denominations was completed by the mid 1990's.
It was directly responsible for a fundamental change of direction, by Red Action at least.. .

Red Action Volume 3 was produced bi-monthly from June 1998 to May 1999.

Red Action Volume 4 began in June/July 1999.